Liam's Cycling Safety Story

Liam’s favourite thing to do is to ride his bike. He would ride it to the shops, in the park, and to visit his aunt. Liam lived by the sea. One Saturday morning he thought “look how sunny it is. I’m going on a bike ride along the sea front”. The bike ride would be a long trip as the sea front went on for miles and miles.


Planning ahead, Liam packed his bag. “I’ll need water for when I get thirsty, a snack for when I get hungry, and my PSP for when I take a break” he thought. Liam put his backpack and helmet on and set off. He cycled down his street and across the main road, carefully looking and listening for cars and people.


Liam got onto the promenade . He was safe from traffic and felt relaxed. After cycling for 15 minutes Liam came to the big down-hill slope. He loved this part as he could build up speed. As he approached it he began to use all his strength to push the pedals. Liam was the most excited that he had ever been! He pushed the pedals faster and faster.


As Liam reached the bottom of the hill disaster struck! His front wheel hit a rock! Liam lost control of the steering. As he wrestled with the handle bars, he pulled on the breaks to make an emergency stop, but his breaks snapped!


Liam tumbled to the ground and his bike crashed against the metal railings.

Thankfully, Liam wasn’t hurt badly but his bike was damaged.

As Liam pushed his bike home he thought about some rules that he would follow in future when going on cycles.


Liam’s rules for staying safe on his bike:

  • Do a safety check on your bike before you ride it. Check the tyres, breaks and chain. If you are unsure of how to do this, you can ask an adult for help.
  • Always wear a helmet and at night, wear bright and reflective clothing.
  • Be respectful to people walking by slowing down when you pass them.
  • When cycling on the road, cycle in the same direction as cars and be aware of other traffic and people.
  • Never listen to music with headphones on when cycling. You might not hear cars.
  • Always bring a chain and lock to secure your bike when you leave it, so it doesn’t get stolen.