AC's Time on The SELF Project

I started the SELF project in January 2013.

When I joined, I was living in care and finding it very difficult to cope with my emotions and anger.

Christine worked a lot with me to talk about what different emotions are and how I can cope with my feelings.

We also worked on how I react to these emotions can have negative effects on others. For example, if I throw something when frustrated, it may scare or shock others, and I could get into trouble with the Police.

I think I understand anger more, and how to deal with it in a good way – like leaving the room to calm down.

We also looked at facial expressions and body language to help me understand more about how other people are feeling.

I made a website resource about this to help other young people like me.


The other big topic that we have discussed is getting to know others and communicating.

We have discussed and practised how to get to know others and be polite, and I completed a course with another young person from the SELF project about this. I enjoyed getting to know him and working with him.

I think this has helped me understand more and be more confident with giving my opinion.


Throughout working on the project, I have moved house several times and sometimes it was stressful and annoying.

I have regularly met with Christine throughout this which has helped me as I knew Christine and was comfortable with her. 


By A.C, 16 years old.