JS' time on The SELF Project

I started the SELF Project in June 2013.

On the SELF project, we have discussed emotions and anger, facial expressions, body language and relationships to help me understand how I feel and how others feel. I found working on these topics useful because when I was younger, I found these things very difficult (for example, at school).


We have worked a lot on getting me ready for a job in the future. I really want a job in retail, so while on the project we have discussed and worked on my CV and preparing for a job interview. I have found this useful as I am more ready for interviews now. In the past, I have been very nervous for interviews and I want them to go better in the future.


I also completed an effective communication course, working with someone else on the SELF programme. We discussed how to get to know others, be confident and express myself effectively. Meeting and working with the other young person made me a bit nervous at first, but I’m glad that I did it as I got on with him and the course was useful.

Working on my communication is important as it will help me get a job in the future, and after doing the course I feel like I am more confident at talking and getting out more.  


Christine has helped me join the Princes trust to complete the Fairbridge programme and work on my essential skills. I hope this will also really help me get a job in the future.

I have recently been going through a court case and it has been very stressful. Being on the programme has helped me to cope with this and have someone to talk to about it.

Overall, I like coming to the SELF Project meetings because they are interesting and help me to be more confident. 


By JS, 21 years old.