Training for Trainers Feedback


The 'Training for Trainers' element of this programme aims to provide professionals with the skills and resources required to run a  'Skills for Staying Safe' programme themselves. To date we have provided training across the Northern Ireland region in a range of settings, including schools and special schools, youth groups and community groups,supported employment programmes, criminal and youth justice practitioners, ASD teams and various specialist charities.

Feedback from our attendees include:

  • "The trainer was understanding and helpful and made me feel comfortable"
  • "A better understanding of how Autism affects each person differently"
  • "I found the course was really helpful, as the skills I have gained I will use in the setting"
  • "Plenty of information and tips for facilitating a course"
  • " I have to say this was one of the best training courses I have been on, in terms of content and facilitation. I found it extremely useful and well structured"
  • "Equipped me with further knowledge and tools to work more productively with C&YP who have ASD"
  • "Excellent piece of learning- understanding ASD with positive results"
  • Well presented course"



  Several of our course participants have gone on to run both accredited AQA and non-accreditated courses in 

  'Skills for Staying Safe' and a number of young people between the ages of 8-18 have received certificates of attendance and achievement.