We all have feelings. Sometimes these are strong and sometimes they are not.

We are all individuals and because of this we all have different feelings about the things that we do and the things that happen to us. So, as different things happen during the day we feel different.

Sometimes we do not understand the way we feel about something, which can be very confusing.

Sometimes we feel happy, scared, angry, guilty, or lonely but what is most important is how we react.  We shouldn’t be ashamed or scared of our feelings and we shouldn’t treat other people badly because of the way we feel.

It can be helpful to take the time to think about why we may be feeling happy, sad or angry before we do things. For example, if someone at school calls you a nasty name you may be upset or in a bad mood. Because of how you're feeling, you might fight with your brother or sister when you get home, and not realise that it may be because you are still upset about what happened at school.



How can I relax?

It does not feel good to be upset, sad or angry. There are many things that we can do to calm down and relax, so that we feel happy and good again. Have a look at our relaxation strategies worksheet, and see how many things you could do to calm down when upset or angry.

Download the relaxation strategies worksheet here

You can also add your own suggestions or strategies in the blank space at the bottom of the worksheet.