Relationships can be difficult to understand.

The way we behave around people and the things we talk to them about will depend on the type of relationship we have with them. For example:

  • John says ‘Hey!’ to his friends and waves.
  • John says ‘Hello, how are you?’ when he meets his mum’s friend for the first time, and they shake hands.
  • John says ‘Hi’ to his girlfriend and kisses her.

Who's in your circle of trust?

Many people have one or two people that they could talk to about nearly anything. This might be a family member (like a parent) or a best friend. However, there are lots of other people that you may know that you wouldn’t talk to about your problems or personal life. There are also people we meet that we wouldn’t share personal information with, for example, a stranger who talks to you at the bus stop. 

Use our Circle of trust worksheet to think about what types of relationships you have with people, and who you are close to that can help you if you are feeling worried or unsafe.

Download the Circle of trust worksheet here

See if you can decide where these people are in your circle of trust:clientuploads/advice.jpg

  • Parents or carers
  • Friends
  • The people you sit close to in school/work/bus
  • Teachers/classroom assistants
  • Shop assistants you may recognise
  • Brothers or sisters
  • Other relatives (Aunts, Uncles, Cousins etc)

Can you think of any other people in your circle?

There are also organisations available that you can talk to if you or worried about something or feel unsafe. You can contact ChildLine anytime and talk to one of their counsellors by telephone or online. Click on the link to find out more:


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