Young People Celebrate with Trip to the Cinema

Published Friday, November 15, 2013

As part of the Skills for Staying Safe Programme, young people got the opportunity to demonstrate the social skills they have learnt at a trip to the luxury VIP showing of Iron Man 3 at the Odyssey Arena.

a trip to the cinema‘What will we see, what time does it start, what time does it finish, where will we meet, do we have enough money?’ These are some of the questions that a groups of teenage friends need to consider when planning a trip to the cinema, and through developing life and social skills on the Big Lottery funded Skills for Staying Safe programme, the group of 13-15 year olds did so with great success.

To many people, this might not seem like a great achievement, but when you consider the impact that Autism Spectrum Disorders often have on a person’s ability to play a positive role in a social situation that requires problem solving, planning, compromise, and assertive communication, then those people may think again.

“This is really great, I am really glad they all enjoyed themselves” stated one parent about her son going to the cinema with peers.

The young people, who are all preparing for GCSE’s in the coming years, developed social skills such as verbal communication, self-awareness and social problem solving with the overarching theme of staying safe in all aspects of their lives. Previously, the group had discussed a variety of options to celebrate completing the programme, and the VIP section of the cinema appealed to them all. The final session, the trip to the Cinema, was a chance for them to demonstrate the transfer of these skills into a real-life situation, something they achieved with great success and enjoyment.  

After far too much free refill drinks, popcorn, and many trips to the toilets, the evening was hailed as a good choice by all, with M even saying how surprised she was at actually enjoying a super hero film!  …and of course, if you haven’t already guessed…

*SPOILER ALERT* Iron Man saves the day!