Young People celebrate success at the AQA certificate presentation

Young people receive their Qualification achieved as part of the Skills for Staying Safe course

Published Monday, October 6, 2014

Young people who have attended Autism NI’s Skills for Staying Safe course were celebrating at the end of September at their AQA certificate presentation evening.

As young people attended the Skills for Staying Safe course to have fun, make friends and learn about safety, they also completed the work to achieve this level 1 qualification in ‘An Introduction to Personal Safety for Children’. The celebration evening was an opportunity to show their parents and others how much the young people have achieved on the course. More importantly, young people attending to receive their certificates also got a chance to meet up again with the people they got to know over the course and find out how they are since they last met.

From completing the course, lots of young people had made huge progress in being more independently safe. One young person had gained the confidence to start getting public transport to school - something that was previously very daunting for him to try. Many young people had started secondary school and were using the friendship and communication skills explored in the group. A few young people had also started other youth groups or activities, giving them a chance to meet others and try something new.


The night was a great success, with young people catching up with each other over some party food and drinks, and being reminded of how well they did in the course. All the young people achieved their AQA award and received it in front of an audience with big smiles – one boy even said he felt like a celebrity as parents took photos of the group. It was a fantastic way to complete the young people’s time on the course; a course that one young girl said she would ‘really miss’ as she had a very good time getting to know others and having fun.